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The Top 10 Pizza Places in Lakeview

The Top 10 Pizza Places in Lakeview

Published: 06/22/2010 by Ron Rodi

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10.  The Homemade Pizza Company on Southport: A relatively new concept for pizza in 60657.  Pizza here is made to order, taken home and then thrown in your own oven, or even on the grill. Every pizza comes with its own cooking instructions for best results. The pies are made fresh, while you wait or for take out.  Delivery for this pizza place in Lakeview is possible as well.  Healthy options and fresh ingredients give this pizza stop a spot on our list.

9. Chicago's Pizza and Pasta: Located on both Lincoln Avenue and on Sheffield Avenue in Lakeview, this multi store location always offers up a nice pie.  Pizza when you really want it is more than a slogan at Chicago's pizza. Where else can you get a hot fresh pizza, sandwiches and more delivered to your door at 5am? This family owned and operated pizza place in Lakeview earns a spot on our list.

8. Renaldi's Pizza: For more than 30 years Renaldi's has satisfied the Lakeview and Chicago area communities' tastebuds with great pizza. They serve good, wholesome, fresh pies, with top quality ingredients; lean meat, fresh vegetables and 100% real cheese and the highest quality tomatoes. Renaldi's makes our list for one of the top pizza restuarants in 60657. Visit their location on Broadway just north of Diversey in East Lakeview.

7. The Art of Pizza on North Ashland in West Lakeview earns a spot on our list. Great service and their pan pizza is cooked to perfection.  Deep Dish style is fantastic and if you are looking for a great pizza place in 60657, the art of Pizza is a stop on your tour of pizza in 60657.

6.  La Gondola Italian Resturant: Serving one of the best pizzas in Lakeview, La Gondola Pizza and Italian Resturant in 60657 makes our list.  Since 1991, they serve very fresh ingredients, hand tossed pizza in their couzy atmosphere or for carry out and delivery.  They have daily specials, a full menu and exceptional service.  Their pizza is award winning and their Italin food located in this Italian Restaurant on Ashland Ave. in West Lakeview is superb.

5.  Pompei! Pizza: Pompei! Pizza on Shefield Ave is a top spot for quality Italian food, hand rolled pizza and friendly service. Fresh ingredients and third generation recipes makes Pompei! a stop on our list of pizza in 60657. All of their pies are built from scratch and their signature pizza strudels make for a great lunch in Lakeview or for carry out and delivery to 60657 and surrounding neighborhoods.

4.  Gino's East: Gino's East Deep Dish is a Chicago Original. Each pizza is made with it's own unique look and exceptional quality.  This legendary pizza restuaurant, with a location right here in Lakeview off of Diversey Avenue, Racine and Lincoln Avenue, has a secret ingredient to its golden crust. Fresh ingredients make this a stop for all out of town guests or for those of us that want a taste of this classic Chicago Pizza Resturant.

3. Giordano's Pizza: An old staple of quality Pizza Resturant in Lakeview and throughout Chicago, Giordano's deep Dish Pizza is hard to beat.  Hot and fresh and made to order, with fine ingredients and great sauce, this favorite of mine is up there for the finest in Pizza in 60657.

2. Pizz Ria on Clark St:  A great place to soak up the reefreshments after a long night or Cubs game, Pizz-Ria on Clark St in 60657, in the heart of Wrigleyville, offers so many choices and variety, it is certain to have a Pizza slice or whole pizza for everyone.  Walk into the location on the East side of Clark St just down form Wrigley Field and enjoy a slice with other Cubs fans and your neighbors in Lakeview.

1. D'Agostinos: Number 1 on our list (and this is a very subjective list)  Also known as just Dags, this family owned and operated favorite pizza place in Wrigleyville is one of the best for Pizza in Lakeview .  Their sauce is just sweet enough, their service is top notch and the atmosphere is friendly and fun.  Especially before and after Cubs games, or for a weeknight treat, Dags in Wrigleyville is fast, fun and famous for what they create for Pizza in 60657.


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